Terms of Use

This agreement is made by and between you and operator of Ledgerex and has the legal effect as a legal contract. The operator of Ledgerex means the legal entity that, recognized by law, operates the networking platform. Please refer to the company and license information at the bottom of the website of Ledgerex for the information regarding the operator of Ledgerex. The operator of Ledgerex may be referred to, individually or collectively, as “Ledgerex Limited” in this agreement. “Ledgerex” means the networking platform operated by Ledgerex, including but not limited to the Ledgerex website, with the domain name of ledgerex.io, https://www.ledgerex.io, which is encrypted.


The content of this agreement includes main body of this agreement and various rules that have been posted or may be posted from time to time by Ledgerex. All of the rules shall be an integral part of this agreement and shall have the same legal effect as the main body of this agreement. Unless otherwise expressly provided, any service provided by Ledgerex and its affiliates (hereinafter referred as “Ledgerex Service”) shall be bound by this agreement. You shall carefully read through this agreement before using any Ledgerex Service, and pay close attention to the content written in bold font. You may consult Ledgerex if you have any question with regard to this agreement. However, regardless whether you have carefully read through this agreement before using Ledgerex Service, you shall be bound by this agreement as long as you use Ledgerex Service. You shall not claim to void or rescind this agreement on the ground that you did not read this agreement, or you did not receive any respond from Ledgerex to your consultation. You hereby promise to accept and observe this agreement. If you do not agree to this agreement, you shall immediately stop registration/activation or stop using Ledgerex Service. Ledgerex may make or amend this agreement and various rules from time to time as needed, and announce the same on the website, without any individual notice to you. The amended agreement and rules shall come into effect immediately and automatically upon being announced on the website. If you do not agree to the relevant amendment, you shall immediately stop using Ledgerex Service. If you continue using Ledgerex Service, you shall be deemed as having accepted the amended agreement and rules.


By accessing or using the Site, you represent and warrant that you are at least 18 years old and have not previously been suspended or removed from the Site. You further represent and warrant that you will not use the Site if the laws of your country prohibit you from doing so in accordance with these Terms. Finally, you represent and warrant that you will not be using this site for any illegal activity, including but not limited to money laundering and the financing of terrorism. If you do not have the said capacity, you and your guardian shall undertake all the consequences resulted therefrom, and Ledgerex shall have the right to cancel or permanently freeze your account, and claims against you and your guardian for compensation.


In order to access and use the Services, you must create an account with Ledgerex (an “Account”) and agree to take responsibility for all activities that occur under your Account and accept all risks of unauthorized access. You shall be bound by this agreement once you have filled in information, read and agreed to this agreement and completed the registration process following the instructions on the registration page or you have filled information, read and agreed to this agreement and completed the activation process following the instructions on the activation page, or upon your actual use of Ledgerex Service in a way permitted by Ledgerex. You may log in Ledgerex by your email address or mobile number that you have provided or confirmed, or any other means permitted by Ledgerex. You must provide your real name, ID type, ID number and other information required by the laws and regulations. If any information you have provided during the registration is inaccurate, Ledgerex will not take any responsibility and any loss, direct or indirect, and adverse consequence resulted therefrom will be borne by you. Ledgerex accounts can only be used by the person whose name they are registered under. Ledgerex reserves the right to suspend, freeze, or cancel accounts that are used by persons other than the persons whose names the accounts are registered under. Ledgerex will also not take legal responsibility for these accounts.


The transmission of data or information (including communications by e-mail) over the Internet or other publicly accessible networks is not one hundred percent secure, and is subject to possible loss, interception, or alteration while in transit. Accordingly, Ledgerex does not assume any liability, without limitation, for any damage you may experience or costs you may incur as a result of any transmissions over the Internet or other publicly accessible networks, including but not limited to transmissions involving the Platform or e-mail with Ledgerex containing your personal information. While Ledgerex will take commercially reasonable efforts to safeguard the privacy of the information you provide to Ledgerex and will treat such information in accordance with Ledgerex's Privacy Policy, in no event will the information you provide to Ledgerex be deemed to be confidential, create any fiduciary obligations for Ledgerex, or result in any liability for Ledgerex in the event that such information is negligently released by Ledgerex or accessed by third parties without Ledgerex's consent.


You shall be solely responsible for the safekeeping of your Ledgerex account and password on your own, and you shall be responsible for all activities under your log-in email, Ledgerex account and password (including but not limited to information disclosure, information posting, consent to or submission of various rules and agreements by clicking on the website, online renewal of agreement or online purchase of services, etc.). You hereby agree that: a) you will notify Ledgerex immediately if you are aware of any unauthorized use of your Ledgerex account and password by any person or any other violations to the security rules; b) you will strictly observe the security, authentication, dealing, charging, withdrawal mechanism or procedures of the website/service; and c) you will log out the website by taking proper steps at the end of every visit. Ledgerex shall not and will not be responsible for any loss caused by your failure to comply with this provision. You understand that Ledgerex needs reasonable time to take actions upon your request, and Ledgerex will not undertake any responsibility for the consequences (including but not limited to any of your loss) that have occurred prior to such actions


You hereby promise to observe the following covenants during your use of Ledgerex Service on Ledgerex: All the activities that you carry out during the use of Ledgerex Service will be in compliance with the requirements of laws, regulations, regulatory documents and various rules of Ledgerex, will not be in violation of public interests, public ethnics or other’s legitimate interests, will not constitute evasion of payable taxes or fees and will not violate this agreement or relevant rules. You are responsible for complying with all applicable laws related to your trading activities and other use of the Services, including without limitation any reporting obligations and payment of all applicable taxes. You will determine what, if any, taxes apply to the Trades and any other transactions you complete via the Services, and it is your responsibility to report and remit the correct tax to the appropriate tax authority. Ledgerex is not responsible for determining whether taxes apply to your Trades or for collecting, reporting, withholding, or remitting any taxes arising from any Trades If you violate the foregoing promises and thereby cause any legal consequence, you shall independently undertake all of the legal liabilities in your own name and hold Ledgerex harmless from any loss resulted from such violation. During any transaction with other members, you will be in good faith, will not take any acts of unfair competition, will not disturb the normal order of online transactions, and will not engage in any acts unrelated to online transactions. You will not use any data on Ledgerex for commercial purposes, including but not limited to using any data displayed on Ledgerex through copy, dissemination or any other means without prior written consent of Ledgerex. You will not use any device, software or subroutine to intervene or attempt to intervene the normal operation of Ledgerex or any ongoing transaction or activities on Ledgerex. You will not adopt any action that will induce unreasonable size of data loading on the network equipments of Ledgerex. You acknowledge and agree: Ledgerex shall have the right to unilaterally determine whether you have violated any of the covenants above and, according to such unilateral determination, apply relevant rules and take actions thereunder or terminate services to you, without your consent or prior notice to you. As required to maintain the order and security of transactions on Ledgerex, Ledgerex shall have the right to close relevant orders and take other actions in case of any malicious sale or purchase or any other events disturbing the normal order of transaction of the market. If your violation or infringement has been held by any effective legal documents issued by judicial or administrative authorities, or Ledgerex determines at its sole discretion that it is likely that you have violated the terms of this agreement or the rules or the laws and regulations, Ledgerex shall have the right to publish on Ledgerex such alleged violations and the actions that having been taken against you by Ledgerex. As to any information you may have published on Ledgerex that allegedly violates or infringes upon the law, other’s legitimate interests or this agreement or the rules, Ledgerex shall have the right to delete such information without any notice to you and impose punishments according to the rules. As to any act you may have carried out on Ledgerex, including those you have not carried out on Ledgerex but have had impacts on Ledgerex and its users, Ledgerex shall have the right to unilaterally determine its nature and whether it constitutes violation of this agreement or any rules, and impose punishments accordingly. You shall keep all the evidence related to your acts on your own and shall undertake all the adverse consequences resulted from your failure to discharge your burden of proof. If your alleged violation to your promises causes any losses to any third party, you shall solely undertake all the legal liabilities in your own name and hold Ledgerex harmless from any loss or extra expenses. If, due to any alleged violation by you to the laws or this agreement, Ledgerex incurs any losses, is claimed by any third party for compensation or suffers any punishment imposed by any administrative authorities, you shall indemnify Ledgerex against any losses and expense caused thereby, including reasonable attorney’s fee.


Ledgerex makes every commercially reasonable attempt to help prevent and mitigate cryptocurrency attacks. If Ledgerex is able to confirm that a cryptocurrency active on the Platform has been compromised or is under attack, Ledgerex may immediately halt trading, deposits, and withdrawals for such cryptocurrency. If it is determined that such an attack caused the cryptocurrency to greatly decrease in value, Ledgerex may discontinue trade activity on such cryptocurrency entirely. Resolutions concerning deposits, withdrawals, and user balances for an attacked cryptocurrency will be determined on a case-by- case basis. Ledgerex makes no representation and does not warrant the safety of the Platform and is not liable for any lost value or stolen property, whether or not Ledgerex was negligent in providing the proper security. If the value of the assets in your Account falls below the maintenance margin requirement or Ledgerex determines, at its sole discretion, that your Account appears to be in danger of defaulting on a loan, Ledgerex may seize and liquidate any or all of your positions and assets on any balance in your Account in order to settle your debt to lenders. If, after your positions and assets are liquidated, your account still contains insufficient funds to settle your debts to lenders, you will be responsible for any additional funds owed. Intentionally defaulting on a loan may result in Ledgerex reporting your activities to authorities and/or in legal prosecution.


A transaction on the Platform may fail for several reasons, including but not limited to change in seller prices, unspecified lot size or unanticipated technical difficulties. We make no representation or warrant that any transaction will be executed properly. Ledgerex is under no circumstances liable for any loss or injury suffered by a failure of a transaction to complete properly. Further, Ledgerex is in no way responsible for notifying you of a transaction failure. The User has full responsibility to determine and inquire into the failure of any transaction the User initiates.

If you receive any data, information or software other than that which you are entitled to receive pursuant to these Terms, you will immediately notify us and will not use, in any way whatsoever, such data, information or software. If you request a withdrawal of funds from your Account and we cannot comply with it without closing some part of your open positions, we will not comply with the request until you have closed sufficient positions to allow you to make the withdrawal.

We shall be entitled to act for you upon instructions given by or purporting to be given by you or any person authorized on your behalf without further inquiry as to the genuineness, authority, or identity of the person giving or purporting to give such instructions, provided such instruction is accompanied by correct information about your Account.

Ledgerex reserves the right to refuse to process, or the right to cancel or reverse, any transaction on the Platform where Ledgerex suspects the transaction involves money laundering, terrorist financing, fraud, or any other type of crime or if Ledgerex suspects the transaction related to Prohibited Use as stated in our Terms of Use.


Ledgerex may, at its option and discretion, attempt to correct, reverse or cancel any Order, Trade or transfer with respect to which Ledgerex has discovered that there was an error, whether such error was by you, Ledgerex or a third party. You hereby authorize Ledgerex to attempt any such correction, reversal or cancellation described in the preceding sentence. Ledgerex provides no guarantee or warranty that any such attempt will be successful and will have no responsibility or liability for the error or any correction attempt.


If your Ledgerex Account has been inactive and you have not responded to reasonable attempts by Ledgerex to contact you for a period of several years (as defined by the relevant state statutes), Ledgerex may have an obligation to report any Tokens in your Hosted Wallet to the applicable governmental entity as unclaimed property. If this happens, Ledgerex will attempt to contact you using the contact information provided by you. If you do not respond, Ledgerex may be obligated to turn over any Tokens in your Hosted Wallet to the applicable governmental entity after deducting any fees payable to Ledgerex.


If Ledgerex receives notice that any Tokens held in your Hosted Wallet are alleged to have been stolen or otherwise are not lawfully possessed by you, Ledgerex may, but has no obligation to, place an administrative hold on the affected Tokens or your Hosted Wallet. If Ledgerex does place an administrative hold on some or all of your Tokens, Ledgerex may continue such hold until such time as the dispute has been resolved and evidence of the resolution acceptable to Ledgerex has been provided to Ledgerex in a form acceptable to Ledgerex. Ledgerex will not involve itself in any such dispute or the resolution of the dispute. You agree that Ledgerex will have no liability or responsibility for any such hold, or for your inability to withdraw Tokens or execute Trades during the period of any such hold


You hereby agree that, Ledgerex shall have the right to terminate all or part of Ledgerex Service to you, temporarily freeze or permanently freeze (cancel) the authorizations of your account on Ledgerex at Ledgerex’s sole discretion, without any prior notice, for whatsoever reason, and Ledgerex shall not be liable to you; however, Ledgerex shall have the right to keep and use the transaction data, records and other information that is related to such account. In case of any of the following events, Ledgerex shall have the right to directly terminate this agreement by cancelling your account, and shall have the right to permanently freeze (cancel) the authorizations of your account on Ledgerex and withdraw the corresponding Ledgerex account thereof: after Ledgerex terminates services to you, you allegedly register or register in any other person’s name as Ledgerex user again, directly or indirectly; the main content of user’s information that you have provided is untruthful, inaccurate, outdated or incomplete; when this agreement (including the rules) is amended, you expressly state and notify Ledgerex of your unwillingness to accept the amended service agreement; any other circumstances where Ledgerex deems it should terminate the services. After the account service is terminated or the authorizations of your account on Ledgerex is permanently froze (cancelled), Ledgerex shall not have any duty to keep or disclose to you any information in your account or forward any information you have not read or sent to you or any third party. You agree that, after the termination of agreement between you and Ledgerex, Ledgerex shall still have the rights to: keep your user’s information and all the transaction information during your use of Ledgerex Service. Claim against you according to this agreement if you have violated any laws, this agreement or the rules during your use of Ledgerex Service. After Ledgerex suspends or terminates Ledgerex Service to you, your transaction activities prior to such suspension or termination will be dealt with according to the following principles and you shall will take care of on your own efforts and fully undertake any disputes, losses or extra expenses caused thereby and keep Ledgerex harmless from any losses or expenses: Ledgerex shall have the right to delete, at the same time of suspension or termination of services, information related to any un-traded coin tokens that you have uploaded to Ledgerex prior to the suspension or termination. If you have reached any purchase agreement with any other member prior to the suspension or termination but such agreement has not been actually performed, Ledgerex shall have the right to delete information related to such purchase agreement and the coins in question. If you have reached any purchase agreement with any other member prior to the suspension or termination and such agreement has been partially performed, Ledgerex may elect not to delete the transaction; provided, however, Ledgerex shall have the right to notify your counterparty of the situation at the same time of the suspension or termination.


Ledgerex provides no guarantee as to the performance or the uninterrupted availability of the services. the services are provided on an "as is," "as available" basis without warranties of any kind, either express or implied. Ledgerex disclaims all warranties, express or implied, including, without limitation, implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title and non-infringement with respect to the services. Ledgerex does not represent or warrant that the services and the information contained therein are accurate, complete, reliable, current or error-free. Ledgerex will make reasonable efforts to ensure that transactions on the platform are processed in a timely fashion but makes no representations or warranties with respect to the amount of time needed to process such transactions. because cryptocurrency transfers on and off the platform are dependent upon many factors outside of our control, Ledgerex makes no representations or warranties regarding the success of, or the amount of time needed for, cryptocurrency transactions. some jurisdictions do not allow the disclaimer of implied terms in contracts with consumers, so some or all of the disclaimers in this section may not apply to you.


Ledgerex shall have no liability for any damages of any kind (including without limitation indirect, special, incidental, consequential, or tort damages, or lost profits) in connection with your use of the service. Ledgerex will not be liable for any losses suffered by you resulting from any modification of any Services or from any suspension or termination of your access to all or a portion of any Services. If and when Services resume, you acknowledge that Token valuations and exchange rates may differ significantly from the valuations and rates prior to such event.


In addition to applicable disclaimers stated above, Ledgerex's performance under these Terms shall be excused in the event of interruption and/or delay due to, or resulting from, causes beyond its reasonable control, including but not limited to acts of God, acts of any government, war or other hostility, civil disorder, the elements, fire, flood, earthquake, explosion, embargo, acts of terrorism, power failure, equipment failure, industrial or labour disputes or controversies, acts of any third party data provider(s) or other third party information provider(s), third party software, or communication method interruptions.