Q1: What is LedgerEX?

LedgerEX is cryptocurrency exchange offering the latest cryptocurrencies before anyone else in the market. LedgerEX aims to deliver brand-new tokens beside industry leaders such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, allowing you to invest early and profit more. Our easy-to- use interface will guide you through the complexities of trading. The LedgerEX dashboard provides the maximum amount of detail with the minimum amount of clutter - and it’s fully adaptive to any screen size. LedgerEX is built on a secure and scalable architecture. Our exchange offers industry- leading backend architecture and state-of- the-art security protocols and encryption for end users.

Q2: How to trade?

STEP 1: To begin trading, you need to login into your LedgerEX account and deposit funds in your account. LedgerEX offers many coin wallets in which you can make deposits, please remember that only crypto-to- crypto coin transactions are supported and some of these coins may have a minimum deposit amount.

STEP 2: To buy/sell a coin with BTC, go to the BTC market and last price of the coin will be visible. Select the trading pair to see the order book. Below is an example of buying Ethereum with Bitcoin.

STEP 3 Proceed to Buy/Sell Window and you can place limit order for the respective pairs ETH/BTC. Refer the order book for existing bids. Place your orders by clicking on the buy/sell button.

STEP 4: Display of your LedgerEX dashboard screen.

  1. Buy/Sell Window
  2. The display area of K Line and Market Depth.
  3. Switch Area of trading markets/trading pairs.
  4. Buy orders of the order book
  5. Sell orders of the order book
  6. Your open orders
  7. Completed trade history
  8. Your existing wallet balances

Q3: How to create a LedgerEX account and perform verification?

  1. Click this link to visit the “Sign Up” page:
  2. Enter the given details. Password must be 8 characters long with at least one uppercase, one lowercase, one special character and one number for enhanced security of your account.
  3. Verify your number by entering the sent OTP.
  4. Click proceed to sign-up.
  5. A Verification link will be sent to your Email account. Click on the link to complete the sign-up process.
  6. Log in to your account on:

Q4: Can I change the email address associated with my LedgerEX account?

A: You cannot change the email address that was used to create your account at the time of registration. If you are no longer able to access the email account for any reason, please go to our support page.


Q1: How to deposit to LedgerEX account?

STEP 1 Login in to your LedgerEX account.

STEP 2 Go to Wallets at the top right section of your dashboard page and click on balances tab.

STEP 3 You will see your active holdings of listed coins on LedgerEX as shown below:

STEP 4 Click on the deposit button in front of the respective coin you wish to deposit.

Note that you cannot send any other token/currency to the deposit address as it will result in permanent loss of your deposit.

STEP 5 Copy the deposit address or scan the deposit QR code. Please input this as the withdrawal address on other exchanges or the destination address for the wallet you are sending from.

STEP 6 To check the status of your deposit: Click【Wallets】→【Deposits/Withdrawals】→【History】and select the coin to see its status.

Q2: How to Withdraw from LedgerEX account?

STEP 1 Login in to your LedgerEX account.

STEP 2 Go to Wallets at the top right section of your dashboard page and click on balances tab.

STEP 3 You will see your active holdings of listed coins on LedgerEX as shown below:

STEP 4 Click on the withdraw button in front of the respective coin you wish to withdraw.

STEP 5 Enter the wallet address in which you wish to withdraw your coin and the amount of withdrawal. Click on “Confirm & Withdraw” to initiate your withdrawal request which will confirm upon successful verification via your registered Email-ID. (You will receive a confirmation link on your registered email-id to complete the withdrawal transaction.)

STEP 6 To check the status of your withdrawal: Click【Wallets】→【Deposits/Withdrawals】→【History】and select the coin to see its status.

Q3: What does it mean when a wallet is in maintenance?

Wallet maintenance implies one of several possible things could be happening:

  • There could be a possible fork on the block chain. To protect funds, we have disabled the wallet until a consensus has been made on which chain is the proper chain.
  • The wallet has been updated by the developer and the exchange is in the process of implementing the wallet update.
  • The wallet daemon on our server has hung or crashed.
  • The wallet is sending orphan transactions or having an issue that requires the developer to work with us on resolving.

There are other scenarios that can cause a wallet to be disabled.In general, the wallet is disabled to prevent users attempting to deposit or withdraw to a wallet that may not be functioning properly  .  We at LedgerEX are always actively working to bring wallets in maintenance back online as quickly as possible.

I deposited coins while the wallet was offline, will they be credited?

If your deposit was on the proper block chain and its transaction id can be found on the official explorer your coins should credit when the wallet is turned back on.

Can I trade when a wallet is disabled?

In most cases you can continue trading if wallet is disabled.  If there is an issue that would cause trading concerns, we would turn off the market.

Q4: Can I buy/sell cryptocurrencies on LedgerEX using fiat money?

No, LedgerEX does not support any fiat currency (USD, INR, JPY etc.) for any of its services, trades or transactions. Only cryptocurrency can be deposited, withdrawn and traded on our exchange.

Q5: How can I recover my coins if sent it to wrong address?

If you sent your coins to a wrong address, LedgerEX did not receive these coins. And LedgerEX does not know who controls those addresses and have no means of recovering those coins.  If you know who that address belongs to, it is recommended that you contact to the owner of the target address to negotiate your coins back.

Q6: What does blockchain congestion detected mean?

When the LedgerEX software detects blockchain congestion on the Ethereum network our software shuts the wallet off to prevent new transactions from being sent to a congested network that may lead to orphaned transactions.  This is temporary, and the wallet will be re-enabled once the congestion on the Ethereum network has cleared. This congestion is a global Ethereum block chain issue.  This typically happens when there is a crowdfund and people rush to send their coins, increasing the gas price of all transactions on the network.  This traffic leads to slower processing for wallets that receive heavy traffic like the LedgerEX wallet.

If you have sent a transaction and then noticed this error on the wallet, please do not panic.  Please be patient and wait for the wallet to return to Normal operational status.  Your transaction should be in the global Ethereum transaction pool, meaning it will get picked up and confirmed by the network.

If you have waited one hour or more for your ETH related withdrawal to arrive and the Wallet status shows Normal, please enter your transaction id hash from the "Closed Withdrawals" section of the "Wallets" page into one of the many given Ethereum block explorers.

If the transaction cannot be found it may have orphaned, please enter a ticket in the support page and select ETH/ETH Token Missing as the sub field.  Please make sure you include the destination address and transaction id.


What is an Orphaned withdrawal?

Without getting into technical details an orphan withdrawal is a transaction that the wallet created and generated a transaction id for.  However, the wallet software was unable to get this withdrawal accepted into the block chain and the coins have been returned to the wallet.  If your transaction orphaned, we will need to credit your account and have you resubmitted the withdrawal.